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Westshore Capital Partners focuses on the long-term and not the short-term.

Partnerships and strategies take time to develop and mature. We are patient and focus on making the right decision, rather than any decision.

People Success

People = Success

Westshore was founded on the principle of investing in people, not companies. As small- and medium-sized businesses grow in size, every company develops its own unique culture from the entrepreneurs and management teams who risked their capital, reputation, and careers in building the company. Thus, culture forms the “heart and soul” of a business and is the reason why a company becomes successful. When owners and management teams are looking at their options for the future, Westshore is a firm who understands the importance of a company’s culture while supporting management with our capital and expertise.



Westshore has no pre-conceived ideas about how a company should grow. Every company is unique unto itself due to its culture, employees, products, and market position. Therefore, we assess management’s vision and plan for the future and work with them to develop a growth plan customized to the unique attributes of the company.



Westshore believes owners and managers involved in the day-to-day operations of their company are the most knowledgeable about their business, employees, products, customers, and competitors. Therefore, Westshore does not wish to have an operational role in the company, and we allow our management partners to make decisions concerning the business until their decisions negatively impact the company and its value. As a significant shareholder of the company, Westshore will take an active role on the board of directors and will complement management by assisting them in strategy development, planning, management building, and corporate development initiatives. If we can be of further assistance to our management partners, we will.



Just like growth, Westshore has no pre-conceived ideas regarding our investment timeline. Since we invest in people, we choose to stay invested with our management partners as long as they exhibit passion for the business and drive for the future.

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