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Acquisition strategies create significant shareholder value – and that is Westshore’s expertise.

The fastest way to grow a company and gain market share is to acquire other companies. Coupled with a recapitalization, management buy-out, or management buy-in, industry consolidations are a valuable strategy in creating significant shareholder value for owners and management teams with big dreams. Proper planning, discipline, and patience are instrumental to success, all of which Westshore understands.

“We had almost given up hope of raising capital to accomplish our vision of building a national security systems integration company targeting financial institutions. However, I received a call from David Malizia who was interested in the detail and approach of our business plan. We talked to dozens of potential partners and David was the only one that the management team was comfortable with going forward. His experience, knowledge and background were very helpful to the management team as we grew from a $7 million business to over $150 million in sales.”

—David D. Charles, Founder & Retired CEO, Red Hawk Industries

Industry Consolidation
Industry Consolidation
Industry Consolidation

Running a business is extremely time consuming for management. Westshore provides the experience and resources to manage a targeted acquisition process. We can help identify target companies, manage communications and negotiations, perform diligence, arrange for financing, and assist in formulating an integration plan. Industry consolidations are a low-risk strategy, if executed correctly. The acquisitions can be synergistic or complementary, and it is a great way to broaden a company’s product line, expand geographically, increase market share, lower cost, and increase margins.

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