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Westshore is a trustworthy partner with expertise and resources for the business owner, entrepreneur, or seasoned executive.

Westshore Capital Partners has years of proven success and decades of experience in helping owners and management teams grow their companies and prosper – whether through a recapitalization, management buy-out, management buy-in, or industry consolidation. We deliver Big Capital for Small Businesses.

About Westshore Capital Partners

Founded in 2006, Westshore brings long-term equity capital to small- and medium-size businesses. Our team provides hands-on personalized attention from partners who understand the challenges and needs of smaller companies that have the potential to realize a greater future.

In today’s world, capital is a commodity, but experience and personal attention is not. We are highly selective of our investments, and we work side by side with entrepreneurs and management teams to develop and execute on various growth initiatives. Westshore’s principals work directly with management and provide the personal attention that is absent in today’s environment. This is the benefit of working with Westshore, rather than other capital firms.

Westshore concentrates on manufacturing, distribution, and service companies with well-defined competitive advantages and significant market share. We also have interest in companies that need capital for consolidations to acquire competitors. If any of these criteria describes your company, Westshore is the perfect partner for you.

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